IDYL Learning

Artistic Techniques in the service of a holistic education.


Interdisciplinary Dynamic and Ludic Learning, IDYL

Development of holistic creativity for individual and social development through art, culture and technology.

IDYL gUG is a non-profit limited commercial company, commercial register no. HRB 201 447 B, based in Berlin. The purpose of the company is:
  1. Promotion of education to contribute to the generation of quality, creative education for all through art.
  2. Promote art and culture to contribute to social and cultural integration, development and communication through the performing arts and dance.
  3. Promotion of development cooperation in the field of education.

IDYL is a learning technique that promotes creativity, the creation of new educational opportunities, the connection of different disciplines, ingenuity, joy and the art of community living.

IDYL Learning especializes in the performing arts of puppet and object theatre through the variety of disciplines, artistic techniques and applied technologies that interact in an advanced pedagogy. This pedagogy is based on Project-Based Learning (PBL) with multiple intelligences, Binomial Power-Up (BP) and other techniques of personal and social development.

IDYL Learning
in Argentina

From 25 February to 15 April 2019 we trained teachers from Neuquén, Argentina, in IDYL Learning.
In Buenos Aires we had a meeting with the VOZ Foundation -Transforming high school- and we talked about the importance of art and creativity in education.
(Sound in Spanish. German subtitles by pressing the CC button)

We also compile some of the impressions of managers and teachers on the methodology applied in
IDYL Learning.
(Sound in Spanish)

«UNESCO’s priority is to ensure “quality education for all”, and arts education is an essential tool to achieve this goal, since it favours in a unique way personal development, social cohesion and critical reflection, and by doing so it helps the reinforcement of universal values such as peace, tolerance, mutual understanding, as well as sustainable development...»



«Faced with creativity, the "structured" world behaves like a cotton garment. At first it resists, but in the end it gives way and becomes more comfortable»

Saeta Hernando.

IDYL Learning Co-Creator.


For this training it is not necessary to have previous artistic knowledge or skills, since creativity is an innate quality of the human being. The training in Interdisciplinary Dynamic and Ludic Learning - IDYL - helps to awaken and strengthen this quality, putting it at the service of the educational work of the participants within a recreational environment.

Innovative pedagogy

This pedagogy is based on Project Based Artistic Learning (PBAL), Multiple Intelligences, Binomials Power-up (BP) and other personal and social development techniques.

Flexible training

We have two flexible training programs. From them we study and adjust a more personalized training plan.
– Modular programme.
– Intensive programme.

Dedicated to

- Teachers of all levels.
- Educators and social workers.
- Librarians, therapists and artists who want to work in the field of education and social integration.



We are a team of artists and creatives with teaching experience in innovative pedagogies.

Saeta Hernando

IDYL Learning Co-Creator.
Creative specialized in the visual area:
Narration and graphic design, illustration, comic and animation.
Author, researcher and creator of puppets with natural and alternative materials. Trainer.
He works from the connection with the "Inner Child".

Bettina Inés Truffat 

IDYL Learning Co-Creator.
Dancer, choreographer, dance teacher, trainer and researcher in the field of movement and dance, Gestalt therapist. Creator of Tanz Konnexion.

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