Saeta Hernando is the ideologist and creator of IDYL Learning. The project is linked to his personal and professional development. The idea for this project was born in July 1997 during a comic workshop for children which he taught in Mons (Belgium), invited by the association ORO Productions S.B.L. On the day the works were presented, he understood the importance of uniting all the arts in an interdisciplinary integration project and worked to achieve this.
In 2011 he meets dancer, choreographer and trainer Bettina Inés Truffat interested in holistic education through art. She joins the project as a co-creator, giving it a more didactic and dynamic approach.
IDYL Learning is the result of several years of working together.

A brief history

From a children's comic workshop to IDYL gUG. A long way.

1997. Mons (Bélgium).
The idea is born.

Saeta Hernando is a trainer in a children's comic workshop at ORO PRODUCTIONS S.B.L. as an Urban Art Camp activity.

2001. Belo Horizonte (Brasil).
Discovering the transforming, educational and socializing power of theatre.

Saeta Hernando is a trainer in a theatre workshop with street children together with the Portuguese educator Ricardo Pereira in the“Projeto Providência” -Vila Maria (Favela dos Caixotes). He discovers the puppet museum of the “Giramundo” theatre grouop.

2002-03. Madrid (Spain).
Seeking the interdisciplinary.

Facilitator of creative workshops for children in primary schools together with the special educator and psychomotricist Sole Cavero.

2007-08. Barcelona -Euskadi (Spain).
Creativity with adults.

Creation of intensive creativity workshops for adults in Euskadi and Barcelona.

2011. Pollença (Mallorca, Spain).
I Interdisciplinary Ludic Festival-FIL’11.

Festival created, organised and co-directed by Saeta Hernando. Bringing art to people from the streets, shops, galleries and cultural centres of the city with the collaboration of more than eighty artists from fifteen different disciplines, for eleven days. The festival revolves around classical Mediterranean mythology.
Saeta Hernando and Bettina Inés Truffat meet.

2012. Pollença (Mallorca, Spain).

They create ARTEFACTUM, precursor of IDYL Learning, together with three other artists from other disciplines (music and plastic arts).
08.2012First intensive puppet and musical instrument workshop for children of different nationalities (5 and 12 years old).

2012-13. Palma (Mallorca,  Spain).
New technologies.

Saeta and Bettina are part of the creative team for the adaptation of Karl Jenkins' “Stabat Mater”, de Karl Jenkins, by the Aprilis Cultural Association.
A choral show with projected dance and animations premiered at the Teatro Principal in Palma, 18.04. 2013.

2014. Berlin (Germany).
Change of airs.

Saeta and Bettina move to Berlin, Germany, where they deepen the work of puppets and body expression focused on teachers and their application in the classroom.

2016 Berlin (Germany).
First contact from overseas.

During the GLOBAL GOALS CURRICULUM (GGC) in Berlin, Saeta and Bettina meet Claudio Gómez,
vice-director of the San José Obrero School in Neuquén, Argentina. Dialogue begins to train teachers of San José Obrero School in education through art.

Bettina premieres the dance-theatre ¡VAMOS! in Berlin. A work of socio-intercultural integration.

2017 Berlin (Germany).
IDYL is born.

Saeta holds puppet workshops for teachers. He made the stage design, the puppet and main puppeteer in
the adaptation of the opera “The Fairy Queen” by Henry Purcell, with editing of the Ensemble Seconda Pratica at the Theater Agora in Lelystad, Holland. 11.08.2017.

In December, Saeta and Bettina make conceptual adjustments to ARTEFACTUM which is definitively transformed into Interdisciplinary Dynamic and Ludic Learning, IDYL.

2018 Berlin (Germany).
Fundation of IDYL gUG.

Saeta Hernando and Bettina Inés Truffat found IDYL gUG to implement the IDYL Learning Training Programme, promoting art, culture, education and development cooperation.

2019 Neuquén (Argentina).
IDYL Learning crosses the "water".

From February 25 to April 15, 2019, the first IDYL Learning training was held for teachers from Neuquén, Argentina. We have the support of GLS Treunhand, San José Obrero School, Don
School and University of Comahue. Primary, secondary, professional and university teachers participate.
IDYL Learning is recognized and certified by the University of Comahue.


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