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Key objectives

The IDYL Learning Team works within the framework of the goals and strategies defined by UNESCO and applies the principles and practices of artistic education.


The IDYL learning methodology is designed to develop the maximum creative potential of all participants.


The educational program in IDYL Learning is aimed at:
- Educators and teachers of all levels.
- Social workers and educators.
- Librarians, therapists and artists.


Development of holistic creativity for individual and social development through art, culture and

IDYL is a learning technique that promotes creativity, the creation of new educational opportunities, the connection of different branches, ingenuity, joy and the art of living in community.
IDYL Learning specializes in the performing arts of puppet and object theatre through the variety of disciplines, artistic techniques and applied technologies that interact in an advanced pedagogy. This pedagogy is based on Artist-Project Based Learning (APBL) with Multiple Intelligences, Binomial Power-up (BP) and other techniques of personal and social development.

His three pillars are:
  1. The INTERDISCIPLINARY is guaranteed by Project-based Learning (PBL) with interdisciplinary artistic techniques applied to each subject or combination of subjects.
  2. The DYNAMIC is characterized by the development of multiple intelligences that expand the skills of self-knowledge and adaptation and resilience in a rapidly changing society.
  3. The creation of a LUDICIAN atmosphere that allows a maximum development of natural creativity - individual and collective - holistic development, communication and teamwork.

UNESCO, at the World Conference on Arts Education, Lisbon 2006 says:
«UNESCO’s priority is to ensure “quality education for all”, and arts education is an essential tool to achieve this goal, since it favours in a unique way personal development, social cohesion and critical reflection, and by doing so it helps the reinforcement of universal values such as peace, tolerance, mutual understanding, as well as sustainable development which are essential to reach the Dakar and the MDGs.»

The IDYL Learning Team works within the framework of the goals and strategies set by UNESCO, and applies the principles and practices of artistic education:
To contribute to solving the social and cultural problems of today's world; to promote the exchange of research and practice in the field of art education; and to promote collaboration between educators and artists in schools and their inclusion in curricula.

We have six main goals:
  • Work with creativity techniques that are applicable at all levels and in all subjects, as well inside as outside the curriculum.
  • Promote a playful, motivated and guided environment that involves students in their learning in order to achieve the agreed goals.
  • Enhance teacher resources to promote empathy, mutual respect and individual, collaborative teamwork between students and teachers.
  • Promote creative, respectful and grateful relationships between students and teachers that improve the quality of teaching and living together.
  • Prevent the risk of dropout by providing students with new tools and career opportunities in the cultural and entertainment industries.
  •  Promoting conscious, analytical and reflective reading and writing.


Creativity is an inherent quality of the human being and entails flexibility, open-mindedness, innovation, adaptability and the awakening and development of new individual and collective capacities. It is accessible to all with adequate training, and can be applied and taken advantage of both teachers and students.

IDYL Learning methodology is designed to develop the maximum creative potential of all participants. It is based on the 5 main phases of APBL:

Idea, Pooling & Sharing, Consolidation, Culmination and Evaluation.

To promote natural creativity we work with two basic and complementary Binomial Power-up throughout the development of an interdisciplinary puppet project, based on the curricular subjects of the students, until its staging.



Puppet and object theatre is one of the most technical artistic expressions, thus opening up an enormous range of possibilities for experimentation, learning and professional applications.



In order to carry out this training it is not necessary to have previous knowledge or artistic abilities since creativity is an innate quality of the human being and the training in Interdisciplinary Dynamic and Ludic Learning helps to awaken and to promote this quality putting it to the service of the pedagogical and educational work of the participants.

It is an eminently practical training, where the theory is inserted in the same practical process. We work on the basis of the Binomial Power-up and their alternation, as well as in the elaboration and handling of puppets placed at the service of the teaching of any curricular matter, age and level of the students.

Training programs

The full training in IDYL Learning includes a total of 300 hours, between training, online help or on-site accompaniment (depending on the programme) and the practical work of the participants during the training in their working environment.

2 flexible and 1 initiation programmes have been created, on which other specific cases could be studied. All courses are periodically reviewed, updated and adjusted.

Total duration: 3 academic years

It consists of 3 courses of 90 hours (plus 10 hours online), which are subdivided into modules of one weekend per month and can be developed over five or six months.

Total duration: 2 academic years

Designed for development cooperation through the training of teachers in innovative pedagogy. This programme requires the presence of trainers on site throughout the training process.
This programme is divided into 2 INTENSIVE COURSES, with a total of 130 semi-presential hours + personal assistance each.

Total duration: 50 hours

During 10 intensive days or 3 weekends.
During the course the participants learn, in an experiential way, the methodological bases of IDYL Learning: 5 steps of APBL + BP (Ludic/Technical-Individual/Collective) and the development of the creative skills necessary for the integration of diverse subjects in an artistic project for the classroom.


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The IDYL apprenticeship training programme is aimed at:

- Educators and teachers of all levels.
- Social workers and educators.
- Librarians, therapists and artists,
who want to work in the field of education and social integration.

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